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Hshare is an IOU-like coin which will be exchanged for Hcash on an 1:1 ratio when Hcash launches. Hcash is designed to allow value and data transfer 

Some believe that its developers never intend to create the platform. HyperCash (HC), formerly known as Hcash, was designed to facilitate value transfers across different blockchains. It supports zero-hash proofs, DAO governance, and quantum resistance. HyperCash offers two types of wallets: white and black. White addresses are publicly viewable, while black addresses will remain private.

Hcash reddit

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KIN accounts cannot be added to Ledger Live. Was this article helpful? 56 out of 123   Reddit is a network of communities based on people's interests. Hcash is a new cryptocurrency designed to allow value transfer among blockchains and  Hshare and Hcash are hybrid crypto-currencies based on both blockchain and DAG technology. They have It should be known that the Hshare (or Hcash) is limited to 84 million units distributed as follows: youtube reddit medium linked The Hcash platform is designed to be a sidechain for both block-based and blockless-based blockchains.

I originally set out to prove HCash (HSR) was a scam. Then, I had an inspiration, I'll search twitter and reddit for like minded folks and send them a link to my 

Hcash will create a new platform that can be connected to different blockchains (such as Bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum blockchain), thereby allowing value and information to circulate freely among systems, and redefining the value of blockchain.. The Next Generation of HCASH. The Hcash network has two chains running laterally, with each serving different functions within the ecosystem. Hshare works under the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations governance which is used to determine funds used in the dynamic system of voting.

Hcash reddit

Hcash will use this system to enable voting, hence creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will govern Hcash. Voting power will depend on the stake of the users. Founder and History. Hcash has started its operation in Q3 of 2017 and is based out of Melbourne, Australia. Its CEO is Dallas Brooks and CTO is Khal Achkar.

Hcash reddit

You don’t have to look far online to find other people calling Hcash a scam. Some believe that its developers never intend to create the platform. After the Hcash main chain is launched, the holders of Hshare can redeem any Hshare they have in any online exchanges or with Hcash official team for Hcash at a rate of 1 Hshare = 1 Hcash. After about 10 months, all redemption and replacement will be completed. At then, Hcash team will use technical means to destroy all Hshare permanently.

HyperCash HC future and past events. Aug 20, 2018 · HCASH is a dual-chain, dual-token ecosystem comprising of the HyperCash (HC) and HyperExchange (HX) networks. In its ecosystem HyperCash provides a hybrid PoW + PoS consensus mechanism, quantum resistance, and the implementation of a privacy preserving protocol (Zero Knowledge Proof technology), while the HyperExchange enables cross-chain communication and the development of dApps through Hcash platform is designed to be the sidechain for both blockchain-based and blockless systems, so it can achieve free flow of value and information between the two.

Hcash reddit

Ultra Cryptocurrency – Hshare is the bridge between blockchain and block-less cryptos and systems. Hcash (HSR) US$ 0.901207-0.009864 (-1.08%) Market Cap Volume (24h) Circulating Supply Max Supply Algorithm $39,581,488 843.04 BTC $29,808.71 0.634888 BTC 43,816,797 HSR 84,000,000 HSR X14 HSR/BTC. 0.00001918 BTC (-1.44%) HSR/USD. $ 0.901207 (-1.08%) HSR/EUR.

Hshare vs Hcash. Hshare is a pre-launch value token with a 1:1 trade-in for Hcash when it launches. The Hcash team is … Hcash (HC) Stats. Transactions count, value, Hcashs sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization Detailed information and reviews about the HyperCash coin. Whitepaper, team, website, code repo activity and social media presence. Read reviews and leave a review to help the community determine if HyperCash is a good project. 09.08.2018 Hcash Weekly Development Update 13.12.2019-20.12.2019.

Hcash reddit

HyperCash HC future and past events. ликвидация криптовалюты Hshare и полный переход на Hcash. Четвертый квартал. запуск Hcash и расширение доступа к блокчейн инфраструктуре платформы; запуск Hcash-Eco и развитие экосистемы. Полезные The Hcash is being developed by cryptography labs in one of the China’s most prestigious university as well as other famous universities in Australia.

The HCASH network has two chains running laterally, with each serving different functions within the ecosystem. These two chains serve to provide us with an interlinked, bifocal dual-token, dual-chain ecosystem that will help us solve interconnection, privacy and security issues prevalent in the current blockchain ecosystem. Hcash has been the target of significant criticism since climbing CoinMarketCap to its top spots. One Reddit thread went so far as to call Hcash a scam coin, with a team that never intends to actually build the technology they’ve described in their white paper. r/CashApp: Cash App, formerly known as Squarecash, is a peer-to-peer money transfer service hosted by Square, Inc. r/CashApp is for discussion … r/hwforcash: Pay reddit to do your homework for you.

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In one Reddit thread a user went as far as to call HCash a scam coin that has no purpose other than to make money for the founders and advisors, and that the team had no intention of ever delivering the technology described in their white paper. In fact, the white paper itself faced criticisms from the community for being too generic.

( medium.com ) submitted 1 year ago by H_cash to r/hcash Hshare / Hcash / Hybrid Network / Hx, currently around #50 on coinmarketcap, is a blatant scam.